A group of animals, living and hunting together

“STAJA” is a Russian word that means “PACK” of animals, living and hunting together.

It all started in March 2007 when Buto (our Somali cat) became the first member of the family. Shortly after (August 2007), Casper (Abyssinian cat) joined the pack.

The first weeks were the most difficult in terms of two cats trying to accept each other. Since Buto was considering herself the leader, she did everything to make sure that Casper got the message. I remember that I was wondering whether they ever would accept the presence of each other.

Eventually it worked well, and the two cats were even sleeping in the same basket! Time to time, Buto was still thinking that she was the boss of the pack.

The pack existed in this formation till February 2009, when a new member of the “staja” was introduced.

This time it was Bipa (an Old German Shepherd) who brought a new dimension to the team!

Once again, Buto was “not happy” with the addition and tried to pull the same tricks as with Casper when he just joined the pack. Casper however was OK with another animal in the house; he just preferred to leave the house in the morning and coming back in the evening.

For some reason (maybe because of the Bipa’s size) the transition period was over quite quickly with all animals accepting each other.

In 2012 we have introduced another member to staja. This time it was a beautiful Old German Shepperd boy whom we named Ferro. Since all animals in the pack were familiar with introduction of a new member, acceptance of Ferro was just a matter of hours. Ferro grew into a very kind and huggable dog. Yet, with a steel character and passion.

Currently there is only 1 animal in our “staja”: our beautiful Old German Shepherd Ferro. Unfortunately, our two cats Buto and Casper as well as our lovely Old German Shepherd Bipa, have passed away.